Client Success

Serious Modeling Capabilities for Serious Modelers

Client success is defined by one goal – helping clients fully leverage the Whitebirch platform in their strategic decision-making process. The combination of the unmatched capabilities and our team of modelers ensures every client realizes a return on investment when utilizing Whitebirch.


The Best Team

Professional modelers support the Whitebirch platform. Our people have deep domain experience, speak your language and will help you achieve exceptional value and usage from the platform.

We have a legacy of success and are widely recognized as #1 in our markets. Our team is a primary reason for it.


Best-in-Class Implementation Process

For most software as a service (SaaS) vendors, the goal of implementation is teaching clients how to use the solution from an operational perspective.

Those operational components are important, but our implementation approach offers much more. We work closely with every client to ensure they build their models to meet their specific strategic goals and objectives.


Meeting the Training Needs of All Stakeholders

One of the key differentiators of the Whitebirch financial modeling platform is its ability to meet the needs of all the stakeholders in the process. The platform easily scales from the desk of the business analyst building the model to the boardroom where the leadership team presents the results.

Training is provided to the appropriate stakeholders for every step of the process from the initial design specifications through going live with the fully realized financial models.

  • • The training for Power Users focuses on learning how to build, modify and edit the time-series projection logic, reports, assumptions and variables, data, scenarios and analyses in the model.
  • • The Casual User training helps them become proficient in changing variables, recasting analyses and examining results in the presentation decks.