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The Balance Sheet Makes No Noise — Until It Is Too Late | Big Fat Finance Blog

I read this post "The Balance Sheet Makes No Noise — Until It Is Too Late | Big Fat Finance Blog." with a great deal of interest. I believe it is dead on. Planning is, far too often, limited to the Income Statement. Whitebirch offers a fully integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement "out of the box". Therefore, as the plan changes, and I mean any part of the plan, the results flow all the way to cash. Treasury is able to concentrate on results and not the mechanics of tying out the financials.

The software keeps track of sources and uses of funds automatically and categorizes them as operating, investing, or financing activities. With this kind of automatic integration, it's impossible to miss the significance of changes to income statement, working capital, fixed asset investment, or capital structure.

Why Whitebirch?

Whether you need to enhance your budgeting and planning process or replace it entirely, Whitebirch's state-of-the-art calculation engine puts you in control. Whitebirch sits on top of your budgeting and/or OLAP system to give you the tools you need to replace the free form, therefore error-prone, cell-based spreadsheets you are forced to rely on.

Whitebirch financial models are fully integrated, multi-layered, and multi-dimensional, giving you unprecedented flexibility amidst unshakable stability. Armed with this capability, you will be able to do more in less time than you ever thought possible, leaving no analytical stone unturned, and with a sense of confidence no spreadsheet can ever provide.